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Our approach to social media

The era of social media is relatively new, but social behaviour isn't. We are inherently social beings, wanting to connect with others on a personal and authentic level. This understanding is at the heart of how we approach social media.

Social media content creation for Milk – a fun and family-friendly cafe and milk bar in Ashgrove, Brisbane.

We want to help bring your business closer to people. What's our secret sauce to social media success?  



Authenticity is about using your brand's natural voice and not being afraid to let that brand personality shine through. We figure out what it is that makes your brand unique and stay true to that when communicating with your audience. 

Knowing your audience

We take time to get to know your audience and never stop learning about them. We want to help you build meaningful relationships with your customers that are also long-lasting. Monitor, listen, respond, repeat – that's how we do it.  

An eye for design

Social media is highly saturated with content, therefore posts need to be visually appealing to stand out from the crowd. Our knack for designing creative visual content will help place your brand above competition.  

Staying current

Social media platforms are constantly updating themselves to make our experience more seamless than before. We keep ourselves in the loop of such developments and trends, making sure we are always evolving with the ever-changing landscape. 

ATM-Social Media-2a.jpg
Social media content creation for Kiss The Berry – a smoothie and açaí bowl cafe with locations in Brisbane and Gold Coast. 

We offer a range of services to ensure your social media is taken care of


Social Media Strategy

Combining creative and strategic thinking, we figure out the best plan forward to help grow your presence on social media.   

Content Creation & Curation 

We nut out the best type of content and messaging for your specific audience, making sure they are visually appealing and consistent.    

Social Media Scheduling

Because most businesses are crunched for time, we can help you schedule posts in advance, eliminating the stress and hassle of wondering what to post each day.

Social Media Engagement

Leave it to us to engage with your customers, be it current or potential ones, on the social media space. We help you stay connected and be an active part of your community.  

Analytics & Reporting

Using social data/metrics as insights, we track what is or isn't effective and enhance our social media activities accordingly.  

ATM-Social Media-4.jpg
Social media analytics for Om Yoga Studio.




The Full Package
starting at:

$1,200 / month

  • 30x posts / month.
  • Social media strategy.
  • Content creation & curation.
  • Post captioning / tone of voice.
  • Post scheduling (strategic).
  • Social media engagement.
  • Analytics and quarterly reporting.


The above are rough starting prices for our social media services; for a detailed quote please click through to get in touch with us. 


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