Skógafoss Waterfall: Iceland


The photo is of Skógafoss Waterfall on the southern coast of Iceland. You can see it from the main ring road around Iceland, which makes it super easy to access—this is both a good and bad thing. We got here a bit later in the afternoon, as we had come that morning from Reykjavik and stopped at some other must see places along the way so make sure you give yourself plenty of time.

After battling with tour buses all day, we were lucky enough to get a moment in time with this place, to just stand in it's awe. There were these amazing white birds just flying around the top of the waterfall, weaving around the front and back so beautifully.

The photo was taken up from the top viewing platform on my i-phone 7, but make sure to ditch the cameras and close your eyes to enjoy the crazy essence of this place.

You are able to walk up super close to the base of this waterfall and really feel it's power—wet weather gear is definitely recommended.


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