Semi Permanent 2017: Behind the Glitz


We've some how managed to smash through our 4th year as a partner of the SP Sydney festival and achieve more than seems humanly possible in 2 days. With less than 4 hours sleep over the duration of those 2 days, while trying to maintain somewhat of a professional composure, we conquered all we had set out to achieve. We had the entire gig this time round and handled the planning, creative, design, production, bump-in, bump-out, installation and bin packing! Yes, we are a studio of masochist at heart...

The theme this year was 'designing for change' and we went hard core in minimising waste and committing to only using recyclable or re-usable materials.

The festival itself is always an awesome event, but like most things at this scale, the effort to facilitate is even more epic - hence the title 'Behind the Glitz'. So like usual, the festival reminded us that success is fuelled by hustle and that you actually tend to have more fun behind the scenes than in the spotlight.

Our new studio mantra:

"Fuck all the glamours and glitz, plan to get rich..."

— Big L, '98 Freestyle, The Big Picture

The entire SP week is a week of 'get shit done, do it well and forget about what others think'. By the end we averaged 20,000+ steps each day, got short with each other, laughed at random stuff, skipped meals, bonded, cried, had weird dreams, ate pizza and did ourselves proud! Massive thanks to Woodsters for being a legend of a chippy and always being down for the ride and a special thanks to Kid Cudi for being our power-up song each morning!