Keong Saik Road: Singapore


We were roaming the streets of Singapore’s Chinatown with no particular destination or agenda in mind; Just wanting to be tourists in our home country and eager to rediscover the things that make this little red dot nation so special to us. We turned into Keong Saik Road, lo and behold – it’s a lot different than what we remember it to be! 

The colourful pre-war shophouses still remain, but beautifully conserved to now house a super-hip range of restaurants, bars and shops.

Turning into an alley, we saw this vibrant mural and couldn’t resist snapping a picture. Created by Singapore artists who go by the moniker Ripple Root, this wall is so vibrant and definitely adds to the buzzing good vibes of Keong Saik.


Download this image over at our Unsplash: